University Lecturer and Tutor

August 2015 -  August 2018

I have had the distinct pleasure to teach at University of Hertfordshire (UK), Leiden University (NL) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL). The courses I have taught include:

1. Master courses in Philosophy of Psychology, discussing:

  • Zawidzki, T. (2013). Mindshaping. MIT Press. 

  • Chemero, A. (2009). Radically Embodied Cognitive Science. MIT Press. 

  • Gendler, T. (2010). Intuition, Imagination and Philosophical Methodology. OUP.

  • Colombetti, G. (2014). The Feeling Body.  Affective Science Meets the Enactive Mind. MIT Press.

2. Master research seminar: Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Practice

3. Bachelor courses:

  • Philosophy of Mind

  • History of Philosophy

  • Classical Readings: Gilbert Ryle

  • Wittgenstein's Philosophy

  • Aristotle

  • Philosophy of Art

  • The Creative Mind 

  • Understanding Other Minds

  • Representation and Consciousness
  • Question of Representation

4. Master Thesis Supervision for an MA programme in Philosophy of Ethics and Politics, Leiden University

Thesis by Veerle de Jong, "The Effect of Embodiment on Moral Agency", awarded an 8.0 grade.

For information about the contents of the courses, you can e-mail me directly.


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