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Below you can find my publications and links to published copies. 

For informal copies of penultimate drafts, please visit my Academia or ResearchGate websites.

Pending publication:

Rucińska, Z. (under review). Enactive Imagination: Its Roots and Contemporary Horizons. In G. Wellner, G. Dierckxsens & M. Arienti (Eds.), The Philosophy of Imagination: Technology, Art, Ethics. Bloomsbury.


Rucińska, Z. & Weichold, M. (In press.) The Roles of Language in Pretend Play: A Praxeological Enactivist Approach. Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics. (Accepted 15 July 2022).



Rucińska, Z. & Weichold, M. (2022). Pretense and imagination from the perspective of 4E cognitive science: introduction to the special issue. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. DOI: 10.1007/s11097-022-09856-0


Weichold, M., & Rucińska, Z. (2022). Praxeological Enactivism vs. Radical Enactivism: Reply to Hutto. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.


Rucińska, Z. & Fondelli, T. (2022). Enacting Metaphors in Systemic Collaborative Therapy. Frontiers in Psychology: Psychology for Clinical Settings. Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.867235


Rucińska, Z. (2022). Imaginary friend play in light of enactivism. Theory & Psychology 32(2), 202–220.


Rucińska, Z. (2022). Can role-playing be wrong? An analysis of normativity of play from the perspective of the Enactive Cognitive Science. In Koubová, A., Urban, P., Russell, W., & MacLean, M. (Eds.). Play and Democracy: Philosophical Perspectives (pp. 51-69). New York: Routledge. ISBN 9780367641276




Weichold, M. & Rucińska, Z. (2021). Pretense as alternative sense-making: a praxeological enactivist account. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

Fondelli, T. & Rucińska, Z. (2021). Aan de slag met metaforen. Systeemtheoretisch Bulletin 1, JG 39, pp. 53-74.


Rucińska, Z. & Gallagher, S. (2021). Making imagination even more embodied: imagination, constraint and epistemic relevance. Synthese 199, pp. 8143–8170.


Rucińska, Z., Fondelli, T. & Gallagher, S. (2021). Embodied Imagination and Metaphor Use in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Healthcare, 9, 200. healthcare9020200

Rucińska, Z. (2021). Enactive planning in rock climbing: recalibration, visualization and nested affordances. Synthese.


Gallagher, S., & Rucińska, Z. (2021). Prospecting performance: rehearsal and the nature of imagination. Synthese, 199 (1-2), 4523-4541.

Rucińska, Z. (2021) Enactive Approach to Metaphoric Engagements of Children with ASD. Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior, 9: 419.




Rucińska, Z. (2020). Affordances in Dennett’s From Bacteria to Bach and Back. Avant, Vol. XI, No. 2 (1-11).




Rucińska, Z. (2019). Social and Enactive Perspectives on Pretending. Avant, Vol. X, No. 3


Rucińska, Z. & Aggerholm, K. (2019). Embodied and Enacted Creativity in Sports. In M. Cappuccio (Ed.), Handbook of Embodied Cognition and Sport Psychology (pp. 669-694). MIT Press.

ISBN: 9780262038508


Rucińska, Z. (2019). Enactivist Interventions: Rethinking the Mind. A book review. Avant, Vol. X, No. 3/2019.


Rucińska, Z. (2019). Pretense and the Enactivist Explanatory Reversal. The Junkyard: A scholarly blog devoted to the study of imagination. (Ed. A. Kind). Published online on 27.11.2019.




Miłkowski, M., Clowes, R.W., Rucińska, Z., Przegalińska, A., Zawidzki, T., Gies, A., Krueger, J., McGann, M., Afeltowicz, Ł., Wachowski, W.M., Stjernberg, F., Loughlin, V., Hohol, M. (2018). From Wide Cognition to Mechanisms: A Silent Revolution. Frontiers in Psychology 9/2393: 1-17.



Rucińska, Z. (2017). The Role of Affordances in Pretend Play. In C. Durt, T. Fuchs, & C. Tewes (Eds.), Embodiment, Enaction, and Culture: Investigating the Constitution of the Shared World (pp. 257-277). MIT Press.




Rucińska, Z. (2016). What Guides Pretence? Towards the Interactive and the Narrative Approaches. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15: 117-133.


Rucińska, Z. (2016). Enactive Mechanism of Make-Belief Games. In P. Turner (Ed.), Digital Make-Believe (pp. 141-160). Springer International Publishing.




Rucińska, Z. (2015). The Many Levels of Intersubjectivity: Comment on Fuchs’ ‘Pathologies of Intersubjectivity in Autism and Schizophrenia’. Journal of Consciousness Studies, Vol. 22 (1-2), 215-219.  ISSN: 13558250


Rucińska, Z. and Reijmers, E. (2015). Enactive Account of Pretend Play and its Application to Therapy. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 175. Published online on 2 Mar 2015.

Rucińska, Z. (2015). Pretence: Role of Representations and Intersubjectivity? Doctoral Thesis. University of Hertfordshire, UK.




Rucińska, Z. (2014). Basic Pretending as Sensorimotor Engagement? Lessons from Sensorimotor Theory for the Debate on Pretence. In J.M. Bishop & A.O. Martin (Eds.) Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory: A brief introduction (pp. 175-187). Springer International Publishing.


Rucińska, Z. and Reijmers, E. (2014). Between Philosophy and Therapy: Understanding Systemic Play Therapy through Embodied and Enactive Cognition (EEC). InterAction: the Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations, 6(1), 37-52.

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