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Zuzanna Rucińska, Philosophy PhD

Specialization: Theories of Pretense and Imagination


A bit about me

I am a postdoctoral researcher, working in Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, and Philosophy of Cognitive Science. My research interests include pretend and imaginative play, forms of creativity, embodied and enactive cognition, dynamical systems theory and mechanical explanations of cognition, sensorimotor theory and theory of affordances (see Research Posts). 

I have a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, an MA in Philosophy of Psychology, MSc in Occupational Health Psychology and PhD in Philosophy of Mind. I have teaching experience from three different universities (see Teaching).

I am originally from Poland, but I have been raised in Japan and educated in United Kingdom and the Netherlands. I currently work in Antwerp, Belgium and live in the Hague, the Netherlands. I enjoy collaborative work and travel (see Public Appearances​). 


Research Interests

These are the topics I am currently exploring (see also my Publications). Please contact me if you have any suggestions for collaboration! 

  • Ecological and enactive accounts of pretense: role of affordances and social interactions 

  • Developmental origins of normativity in play and games

  • The phenomenon of imaginary companions: is it a form of fictional commitment?

  • Pretense in therapy and psychiatry: understanding Autism and Korsakoff's syndrome

  • Enactive creativity is sport context: can creativity be trained?

  • Integration of E-cognition into cognitive science: exploring the concept of 'wide mechanisms'

  • Virtual reality and fictions: does enactive make-believe bridge reality and fiction?

  • Material agency, joint action, and more...




z.rucinska [at] hotmail.com